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We anticipate that during this school year, which started February 1, 2021, we will match children with sponsors in the US and help them through school and higher education. All this is out of reach for these families.


Education impacts poverty

The Vision Forward

Get involved

If you are interested in becoming involved, go to the Ministry of Presence site here:




Also please donate to the project fund, which helps both the children and their families.   100% goes to the poor.  There is no administrative fee.


Holy Week Retreat 2019

Present children, mothers, fathers, and our missionary assistant.


Johana Cruz, 16 years old, wants to be a nurse.

The Ministry of Presence is helping her fulfill that dream.

Serving families in need

The Ministry of Presence continues to serve the needs of the entire family, as it has for the last five years. It  provides medical assistance, emergency aid, and pastoral care.   But most important of all, it creates long-lasting friendships.

Although schools in Honduras are public, and supposedly free, there are many additional costs that poor families cannot afford.  As a result, many children stay home.   The Ministry of Presence seeks to address this problem.

Johana Cruz is 16 years old. She lives with her family in an adobe house up in the mountains. Her mother cleans houses for $12 a day, but only for two days a week. She also helps a woman bake bread for extra money. Johana's older brother sometimes works in construction.  They are so poor that up to three people sleep in a bed. In the kitchen, they cook on a wood stove and have no refrigerator. Feeding the family can be a problem.

They have been especially hard hit by the Covid 19 quarantine. The mother now only works one day every two weeks

Johana wants to be a nurse. As a nurse she would probably earn about $12,000 a year. Not much by US standards. But what a difference that would make to this family. That income would be brought into the family, and perhaps another child could get an education, or Mom could get some technical training. The long-term impact would be tremendous.



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